Panels/Screening Schedule

Panel Schedules – When not at a panel, on a break, or eating lunch, all of our guests will be at their booth signing autographs and meeting fans.

Panel schedules are subject to change.

Saturday, October 19th
Main Stage

11:00 AM – Cosplayer’s Arsenal with Little MS Cosplay
Have you ever wondered how cosplayers make their costumes and what tools and materials they use? This panel will cover what tools and materials cosplayers have in their arsenal, where to find them, and how they can be used to make your favorite costumes.
12:00 PM – Cosplay: Then & Now with Suzanne’s Cosplay
Exploring the evolution of the hobby over the past 15 years, including cosplay’s rise in popularity, the influence of social media, and how crafting techniques have changed with new technology.
1:00 PM – Q&A with Kellen Goff
2:00 PM – Q&A with Amber Lee Connors
3:00 PM – Q&A with Christopher Wehkamp
4:00 PM – Q&A with Luci Christian
5:00 PM – Costume Contest
Cosplayer’s compete in one of three divisions: Children’s, Masquerade, Craftsmanship. The children’s contest starts at 5:00 PM, followed by the Masquerade (general costumes anyone can enter) followed by the craftsmanship division (costumes crafted by the cosplayer themselves)

Saturday, October 19th
Panel Room

11:15 AM – A Penpaller’s Journey with Elizabeth Moore
Penpalling is a fun, cute way to connect with people. Come meet fellow penpallers, and share your love of all things kawaii!
12:15 PM – Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 with AnimeTalk
Anime podcoster’s AnimeTalk discuss their all time top five, including shonen, fighters, couples, and many other top give categories, with each subject open to audience participation and discussion.
1:15 PM – Beating Algorithms with Shelby Marie
Has social media been discouraging for you? Are you looking to start using your online platform to its fullest extent? Take back control of your Instagram and Facebook in this crash course presented by Shelby Marie where you will learn the secrets of social media algorithms.
2:15 PM – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and You with Mason Picard
An introduction into the world of the hit manga and anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. We look at the history of the series and invite the audience to participate into what the series is best known for: fabulous posing.
3:15 PM – Foamsmithing Armor and Props with Voodoo King Cosplay
A discussion about tools, materials, and techniques used to create your own foam armor and props.
4:15 PM – That’s Entertainment (Law) with Jay Long
An interactive panel discussion about entertainment law. The program features a multimedia presentation to educate creatives about entertainment law and how to navigate the legal aspects of the industry. Topics covered include television and film, music, publishing, and art. The panelists will present information about the process of working in the various factions of the entertainment industry, and conclude the program with a Q&A session to address any specific issues.

Saturday, October 19th
Screening Room

11:00 AM – Fairy Tail – Dragon Cry: Rated TV-14, Run Time: 85 minutes
1:00 PM – Your Name.: Rated PG, Run Time: 107 minutes
3:00 PM – One Piece – Heart of Gold: Rated TV-14, Run Time: 104 minutes